Include the library

None of the examples will work unless the following library is loaded to prior to script execution. So pop this in your <head> somewhere, please.

<script src="//"></script>

Take a peek at our Javascript Options

There are some additional options you can use in your scripts that will give you additional flexibility.

Understand Third-Party Cookies

Staylists needs cookies to work properly during the booking process.

Some companies, such as Apple, are taking a stand against a third-party cookies.

When an iframe of tries to set a cookie inside a site of, Staylists is considered by the Safari browser to be a third party.

As such, no cookie will be set, and Staylists will not work correctly.

To combat this, we run Staylists on a subdomain of your primary domain.

So your website is found at we run Staylists on a subdomain of this primary domain, such as

Because these are the same primary domain, Safari does not consider us to be a third party, and sets the cookie accordingly.

Configure your Custom Subdomain

To configure your Staylists custom domain, you’ll need access to your DNS records.

In your DNS, set the CNAME book (or whichever subdomain your prefer) to point to (where yourlist is your unique Staylists subdomain).

Once complete, please let us know and we’ll configure the rest. This will include issuing a security certificate for the custom domain.

Write your Custom CSS

Need control of the styles to make our integration more on brand? Read more about custom CSS and styling here.