Payment Method Hosted Pages API


The Payment Method Hosted Pages API is designed for you to be able to create a hosted page on which a property can enter their payment method details. You will need to create a Billing Customer prior to hitting this endpoint.


Payment Method Hosted Pages require authentication


Create a Payment Method Hosted Page


Make a POST request to the following endpoint:


billing_customer_id a string reference obtained from the Billing Customers API

redirect_url the URL you’d like the customer to be redirect to after they’ve added or updated their Payment Method.


When successful

We’ll return a 200 with a body that looks something like this:

    "object": "PaymentMethodHostedPage",
    "data": {
        "url": "",

You can then send the customer to this URL.

When unsuccessful

    "error": "customer[id] : customer resource with identifier does-not-exist does not exist."