Glimpses API


The Glimpses API is designed, currently, for customers who wish to check whether a property exists on Staylists.

All requests require a name and postcode for the property (presumably from your own database or signup flow). If we find a match, we’ll tell you the ID and subdomain (that we use as a text reference) of this property. You can then store these for use later.


Make a GET request to the following endpoint, replacing {name} and {postcode} with the property data you wish to query:{name}&postcode={postcode}


This request requires authentication


When a Property exists

    "object": "BookableOwner",
    "data": {
        "id": 6349,
        "name": "The Reindeer Inn",
        "subdomain": "reindeerinnng25-ev",
        "staylists_agreement": true,
        "contract_state": "accepted",
        "channel_manager": {
          "id": 24,
          "name": "Eviivo"

The object is a BookableOwner (our abstract name for a hotel, inn, B&B, holiday cottage company, campsite etc.)

The data will include the following details:

Attribute Value Type Value
id integer Our unique ID for the Bookable Owner
name string The name of the Bookable Owner (it may differ slightly from yours)
subdomain string A unique string reference for this Bookable Owner
staylists_agreement boolean Has this Bookable Owner agreed to sell on the Staylist platform?
contract_state string Does this property want to sell with you? One of: requested, invited, accepted, or declined. Could also be null if you haven't asked them.
channel_manager object JSON object that represents the Channel Manager of this property.
channel_manager -> id integer Staylists unique ID for the Channel Manager
channel_manager -> name string Name of the Channel Manager

When a Property is not found

You’ll get an empty json body {} and a 404 response code.